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People of Tri-Kazel

Tri-Kazelians constitute a very large majority of the peninsula’s population. Most of them still have a robust physique inherited from the Osag, but they may also have features from other peoples. Tri-Kazelians descend from centuries of mixing between all the cultures that have set foot on the peninsula one day or another. With such an origin, the PC knows a local dialect; what country and region he originates from must therefore be defined.

Tarish people

Of unknown origin, the Tarish people form a nomadic minority that has been traveling around the lands of the peninsula for decades. They are also called "people from the west", for they came over by crossing the Furious Ocean, according to legend. Tarishes can be differentiated from the Tri-Kazelians by their high cheekbones, their rather aquiline nose, and their often pale eyes. Many of them become entertainers, mystics, or craftsmen.
The Tarish culture, although diluted today, still rests on an important base: they are a nomadic people used to long journeys and their language did not disappear, although no stranger has ever learned it.

Osag people

Used to relying only on each other, the Osag are a hardened people, with a generally strong build. They are the direct descendants of the peninsula’s traditional clans. The peninsular civilization has evolved a lot since the foundation of the Three Kingdoms, but some clans remained faithful to the ancestral traditions and did not take part in these changes. Retired within their clannish way of life, the Osag did not mingle with the other peoples and have kept many of their ancestors’ characteristics. The Osag make great warriors, and count the most famous Demorthèn among them.

Their language has also survived the passing centuries. The words "Feondas", "C’maogh", or "Dàmàthair", to mention only a few, all come from what Tri-Kazelians call the ancient tongue, but which is still used by Osag.

Continental people

Men and women from the Continent are often slimmer and more slender than natives from Tri-Kazel. Most often, they have delicate faces, but with sometimes very sharp features. A Character choosing this people will not be a native from the Continent, but rather the direct descendant of at least one Continental parent. If the Continental origins of the Character reach further away, he is considered to belong to the people of Tri-Kazel. According to the past of the PC’s family, and how it fitted in the Tri-Kazelian society, he might have learned their language of Continental origin or a dialect of the peninsula, as the Player wishes.