Character manager for «Shadows of Esteren»

This software allows to create a character for "Shadows of Esteren", live online, and also to edit its contents, manage online campaigns, gain and spend experience, and other features.

  • No need to check the book at each step
  • Few values to check from the book for maximum immersion in the character
  • Very simple : one step, one info about the character
  • You can go back to previous steps

Two words : read the instructions, and merge with the shadows...

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Regular updates

Corahn-Rin is updated regularly to provide maximum compatibility with most used browsers, but also to guarantee optimal performances.

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A list of directly available.

You have access to a list of characters created by website users, these one are directly available : view the character sheets and download/print them !

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Your account to manage your characters and campaigns.

By signing in, your characters will be saved whatever happens, but above all you can modify them and join a campaign organized by a Game Leader, where you will be able to gain and spend your experience.